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ZDS Weekly Preparedness Mission

Assignment RR20.09.09


⚠️ Codename: CUJO ⚠️



In times of crisis, many families are ill prepared to provide for their furry loved ones. This often results in a need to leave pets behind when the situation warrants a bug out. It could be due to lack or resources - limited food only goes so far. Perhaps it's the inability to transport your animals to the bug out location. Either way, a little preparation goes a long way in preventing you from having to say goodbye to animals.

🔺Action Items

Build a Bug Out Bag for your pets. Include any necessary supplies to get your animals safely from your home to your Bug Out destination. This can include, but is not limited to the following items:

🆘 Water

🆘 Food

🆘 Leash/Collar/Harness/Tether

🆘 Collapsible Bowl

🆘 Comfort Items (Treats/Favorite Toy) - Often used to quiet a noisy animal when stealth is necessary

🆘 Paperwork - Ownership or immunization records

🆘 First Aid

🆘 Poop Bags - When cleanup is necessary for sanitary reasons or to cover your tracks

Depending on the size of your animal, there may be a pack made specifically for them so they can carry their own gear.

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