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ZDS Weekly Preparedness Mission

Assignment RR20.10.28


⚠️ Codename: Dr. Green thumb ⚠️



This mission is designed for both amateurs and advanced gardeners. It is intended to inspire you to put effort into producing your own food. Regardless of the time of year, planning should start now. If you already grow food, add another option to your garden. Focus on items that you will get the biggest return on or that your family is most likely to consume.

If you are a beginner, this is an opportunity to introduce a vital skill that will aid in self-sufficiency. In a post-SHTF world, it's very likely you'll have a high degree of reliance on food you grow yourself. Many people can't even keep a houseplant alive for more than a month or two.

🔺Action Items

This is your official challenge. Make the commitment to learn how to grow a plant, there's no shortage of resources out there between YouTube and Google. Pick the plant. Do your research and as soon as it becomes the appropriate time, plant the seeds/sapling/bulb/etc. Take great care and harvest at the right time. Continue research on that specific plant learning to maximize the yield through proper maintenance. Next season, add another plant or two into the mix. If you can continue this process you will eventually develop a sizeable contribution to your food stock, and reduce your dependency on manufactured foods. Even if you give up, after two seasons, you will have learned enough about growing plants you enjoy eating that you would not be caught with your pants down if the SHTF and trucks were no longer running.

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