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ZDS Weekly Preparedness Mission

Assignment RR20.09.13


⚠️ Codename: ESCAPE ⚠️



While it is highly recommended to stay put & bug in/hunker down unless absolutely necessary, sometimes your home becomes too dangerous to stay.  The idea of bugging out and living in the woods is often romanticized by most preppers, but very few truly realize how hard it is.


A bug out can be short term, long term, or permanent.  You may have some forewarning that your current situation is deteriorating to a point that YOU make the call to leave, you could also be forced to leave at moment's notice due to an evacuation. Plan now!

🔺Action Items

❎ Determine what reason/situations would warrant you to leave your home, discuss this with family and be sure everyone is on board.


❎ Determine your destination. There may be multiple bug out locations (BOL) depending on the event.


❎ Plot the routes to these destinations on a map, name them using code words.


❎ Identify rally points, cache locations, resupply locations (food/water, gas, ammo, etc.), danger spots/potential ambush locations, likely road-block spots - mark these all on your map.


❎ Determine your method of communication with all who will meet at your BOL. Set SOPs around this.


❎ Run a drill, simulate a bug out scenario, test your families ability to grab the necessary supplies and get out - time yourselves. Test both vehicle based and on-foot events. Scout your routes and rally points along the way. While on foot, note - how much can you carry, how far can you go? While in vehicle, note - how much fuel did you have at the start (no cheating and filling up just before the test).


❎ Evaluate the results of your test. What skills are you missing based on your performance? Where did you seek shelter if you were on foot? Did you encounter any problems? Did your gear hold up, and did you know how to use it all? Do you need to lighten the load? Did you find potential trouble spots along the way? What will you do differently next time?


❎ Once you've revised your plan, identified changes to your routes, rally points or techniques, document the plan in detail. Provide it to everyone and discuss it.

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