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ZDS Weekly Preparedness Mission

Assignment RR20.10.06


⚠️ Codename: MELTDOWN ⚠️



With the very real threat of EMP or nuclear disaster, it's critical that we all take some time to truly understand what to do if such a disaster were to actually occur.


Nuclear attack aside, a full scale EMP attack or solar storm along the same intensity of the 1859 Carrington Event would leave us in the stone age. Nuclear power plants typically have 3 failsafe systems. In the situations described above, diesel generators that run the cooling pools will eventually run out (typically within 2-4 weeks) leaving the fuel rods exposed and overheating. This can and will result in a meltdown, therefore leaking radioactive particles into the atmosphere. 65% of the US population lives within 50 miles of one of the one of the 61 nuclear power plants. This count does not take into consideration the 30 decommissioned plants that still hold spent fuel rods in cooling pools. Since 1952, 99 incidents have occurred at nuclear facilities, 57 after Chernobyl, and 56 of the 99 in the US. It can and it will happen. Be prepared.

🔺Action Items

☢️ Learn the location of all nuclear facilities near you. Active or decommissioned. US government requires evacuation for anyone within 10 miles and sets minimum safe distance at 50 miles.

☢️ Learn prevailing wind patterns for your area. Depending on wind speed and direction Fallout can travel well beyond the 50 miles.

☢️ Determine a Bug Out Location that's falls far outside the 50 mile radius and is not in direct path of typical wind patterns.

☢️ Build a Bug Out Plan with multiple routes to get you to your BOL.

☢️ Learn what to do to protect yourself from Fallout.

☢️ Learn when it's safe to move and when to stay put.

☢️ Learn symptoms and treatment of acute radiation poisoning.

☢️ Learn about and aquire gear to help you through this situation (survey meter, geiger counter, etc...)

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