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ZDS Weekly Preparedness Mission

Assignment RR20.09.24


⚠️ Codename: pantry prep ⚠️



A starving man will do a lot to satisfy the hunger, but a man watching his starving child will stop at nothing to feed them.
Don't put yourself in the position to become a monster, set yourself and your family up for success by developing a proper long term food storage plan. Take a moment to review your food preparation.


A prepper that is not organized can be confused with a hoarder. By organizing, you will be able to clean out expired food, become aware of food that needs to be eaten soon due to approaching expiration dates, and determine what you're missing. More importantly, this exercise will allow you truly realize how long you and your family can survive on your current supply. This may be eye opening. Will you alter your food purchasing moving forward - hopefully adding more to your stock on each shopping trip? Will you refill your missing inventory?

🔺Action Items

❌ Start by taking an inventory, understanding your current situation.

❌ Evaluate how long this food will last.

❌ Determine how long you desire your food storage to last.

❌ Identify the needs to get you to your desired length of food storage.

❌ Make a plan and budget to build this inventory.

❌ Break up your shopping listing into small, manageable chunks that can be incorporated into your regular grocery trips, continue to update your inventory as you do this. An excel spreadsheet is a great way to track this.

Fix your pantry!

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