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100 Days Wild - A must watch!

Have you seen this show yet on Discovery Channel?

7 strangers with diverse skill sets that get together in Alaska to build a community of hunters and gatherers. I'm only on episode 3 but I'm hooked. A great example of what kind of effort and resources it takes to sustain a fairly small group completely off grid.

They start with 1 week of food and have 100 days to build shelters, gather enough food, etc.. to keep them going all through the upcoming winter.

This show is a very realistic depiction of what things would be like in a true crisis where you've been grid down for a significant amount of and have no one to rely on but yourself. It highlights the importance of basic survival skills. And you know we're gear heads at ZDS, but these are the skills that have been lost over the last few generations as we've all gotten used to climate controlled homes, remote starts, door dash, and social media.

If you watch and realize that there's no way you could handle that lifestyle, start prepping and work on that year + of stored food, water, and supplies!

Live ready people!

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