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Bridgford Ready to Eat Pizza - The Holy Grail of MRE Entrees

Updated: May 27, 2021

So let's talk about the MRE pizza made by Bridgford. I've been eating these ever since I found them roughly a year ago. I was both excited and skeptical when I learned they we able to make a shelf stable pizza that's ready to eat. And while this is no delivery pizza, I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised. I've heated these with both the flameless ration heater and the microwave (35 seconds on high) both provided similar results. The appearance remains exactly the same, cheese does not melt but it tastes like a warm slice of pizza similar to what I used to get during hot lunch in grade school. Is it the best pizza, definitely not. But, if you were hiking, backpacking, or camping, these would be a great option that's easy to carry and prepare. If your packing a bug out bag, also a good fit. God forbid you're ever living a post-apocalyptic life on the run, but I tell ya what, that piece of pizza would be the best damn thing you ever ate.

The thick Mylar packaging is designed to be durable to handle the rigors of getting bashed around in your pack on a long hike. Plus, it buys you some longevity out of this. BUT, like with other MRE products, it's completely dependent on storage conditions. At 80° or less, you'll get 3 years, but at 100°, that's only 6 months.

If you try one out of the 2 pack and put the other aside, you'll understand how managing this inventory isn't a problem. It's pretty easy to burn through these. Luckily they're not hard to find at a lot of retailers, both in store and online. I recommend supporting a small business if you can find these. Try them out, you won't be disappointed. I listened to this podcast the other day that got into the science behind the development of a shelf stable pizza product, it made me appreciate this that much more.


TASTE 3.75/5 Better than expected

TEXTURE 4.5/5 Doughy, but not soggy or hard


It's pizza, ready to eat!

5/5 Would Recommend

Where can I buy?

These are available at many retailers, I've personally found them at Outdoor World/Cabela's, Walmart, Target, Dicks. If you prefer online, we have them listed in our Survival Food Wish List.

Nutritional Facts

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