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Fitness and Survival/Preparedness Introduction

Often the glamour of gear, bugging out, and guns out weigh the thought of fitness. Anyone who does backwoods hunting through the mountains knows how rough it can be on the body. Miles of hiking through the mountains and then carrying out a load of elk meat will destroy the average person. The same is to be said for a bug out. It mean appear easy based on books you have read or videos, but try to hike 50 plus miles with a loaded pack, minimal sleep, and minimal calories. It will break most people and leave them vulnerable to mistakes. This is a big reason I choose to make training and fitness the corner stone of my survival and hunting experiences. Fitness not only makes your body stronger but it helps discipline the mind to over come painful tasks. Cardio, calisthenics, and weight training can get your body and mind ready to tackle a tough survival situation. Think about it this way. If you get stranded in the wilderness you could face dehydration, hunger, pain, and sleepless nights. A fit body and mind can keep you going until rescue arrives! Additionally, as a prepper we take being ready for anything very seriously. Food storage, water storage, medical supplies and guns. So why not add fitness to the mix. Health is probably the most vital aspect of survival there is because a healthy body will allow your immune system to fight disease and handle higher stress levels. This blog series will cover a few different parts of fitness over the next week to help you create your own fitness regime that fits your schedule. I am a weightlifter, runner, dad and have a full time job so I understand fitness can become stressful finding time to get it in during the week. I will be going over my routine and helping you build yours. Tomorrow I will post part 2 which will cover cardio!

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