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Scenario 100 - The Lottery

Updated: May 16, 2021



🔺 This is NOT a real alert, it is a fictional scenario to test your reactions to crisis. Do not panic. 🔺

The audible alert tones were specifically left out to prevent confusion. Those tones can activate other Emergency Alert Systems and it would be both dangerous and irresponsible to include them.

We've chosen this method in celebration of our 100th Scenario!



The warnings started well in advance but the threat was unsubstantiated and the probability of a strike was the subject of hot debate.

Six months ago, however, it was unquestionably confirmed that the asteroid was, without a doubt, going to strike the Earth and it would be an extinction level event.

The FedGov established a lottery system to chose which citizens would be able to take shelter in the government strongholds.

1 month before impact the official lottery begins. Your family was lucky enough to be chosen, however, only two of your family would be allowed entry. Names, ages, and SSNs must be submitted by tomorrow afternoon.

You have a wife and four children ages 13, 11, 7, 3.

What’s your move?

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