Scenario 11 - Pay the Toll

Updated: May 29, 2021

Following a malware attack on a power substation in Indiana, the virus has spread and shutdown the entire Eastern Interconnect Power Grid leaving half the country powerless. Only took 72 hours before total chaos ensued. To avoid consequences at work, you decided to ride it out at home and hope the power would come back on. You had some food and water stored and a nice lil' blackout kit which almost made the first few days an adventure. But, after a week, the lawlessness spread from the retail/commercial areas to nearby neighborhoods. You started hearing gunshots in the evenings and by the end of week 2, rumors in the neighborhood circulated of armed "robbers" coming into homes and attacking people and stealing not only food and water but electronics other valuables. It becomes apparent that power isn't being restored any time soon, danger level is high enough now that it's time to go. You let your family know to pack up because your heading to your bug out location/family lake house. A few hours later you've got the vehicle packed up and are ready to go.

You've stayed near your home since the power has been out so you still have over half tank of fuel. It's obvious that you'll want to stay off the expressway to avoid major population centers on your 90 mile journey to the #BOL. You pull out your map and plot your route - back roads the whole way. After an hour of driving, you've managed to make it 30 miles in with minor problems, needing only to go off-road a few times to get stopped vehicles in the road. You get to a road surrounded by miles of farmland and irrigation ditches leaving you no opportunity to go around a potential obstacle. You start having second thoughts about this but the last turn was a good 5 or 6 miles back. Against your better judgment, you continue. Just as it's starting to get dark, you notice two vehicles blocking the road up ahead. Not sure if they're stalled, you carry on. As you get closer, you notice 2 men with guns. You begin to panic and decide to reverse but a tree falls behind you blocking the road. The 2 men approach, rifles pointed, demanding you get out.

What's your move?

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