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Scenario 13 - Off the Rails at 2am

Updated: May 29, 2021

It's 2am, you've been asleep for a while now. You are awoken by a very bizarre sounding siren going off. Curious, because you've never heard this, you don't immediately fall back asleep. The sound of the siren is becoming increasingly louder and now you're sitting up, wide awake. You get out of bed to get a drink of water and as you're walking to the kitchen, you start to hear the faint sound of a helicopter in the background. Peeking out the kitchen window - nothing, you decide to check the window on the opposite side of the house and you can see a bright spotlight in the sky illuminating something on the ground in the distance. Thinking to yourself, "what could it be, there's nothing in that area but train tracks." At this point, you've had enough excitement for the middle of the night, back to bed. As you're exiting your kitchen you now hear other sirens, these you recognize. Fire trucks, a bunch of them, must be 4 or 5 that you're hearing. Now you're curious, but checking your phone, media sources have no info yet. Maybe in the morning you'll be able to figure out what happened. You crawl back in bed, your family has slept through noises outside. Not 5 minutes after settling back in you hear police sirens now, and someone pounds on your very aggressively. This is startling and you jump back up, your spouse and kids are awake now as well.

Opening the door you've got a frantic police officer telling you that there was a train derailment less than a mile away. The train was carrying Ethylene Oxide, not only is it extremely toxic, it's also highly explosive. In addition, there was other cars with Chlorine gas and Vinyl Chloride gas, both equally deadly. Any minute now, there could be a deadly cloud covering this entire neighborhood. You need to get out of the house immediately and head at least 20 miles due east, into the wind - this could take days for Hazmat crews to give the all clear. You tell the officer you need a bit of time to get you're family woken up ang gather your belongings and he says - you have 5 minutes and your car better be backing out of your driveway.

What do you do in that 5 minutes, and where are you going?

What's your move?

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