Scenario 12 - Stranded at Sea

Updated: May 29, 2021

You are a roughneck for Tesko Drilling, working on an oil rig 50 miles off the coast of Louisiana. You work two weeks on, two weeks off and are currently on your last day of this rotation. Over the past week you have been keeping up with news back on the main land.

Riots have broken out all across America something about "total government control", "possible terrorist attack", or something of the other. Honestly, you don't pay too much attention to it because this type of stuff seems to happen in the media then die out after a month or even weeks. Usually, it's just political propaganda to scare people. To be safe, you message your wife and ask for an update on what's going on and she says that the government thinks there is an elevated threat of a terror attack on the US but "aren't sure". You send one last message saying "okay honey, I love you, see you tomorrow". 2 weeks later.... no radio communication from the ferry company that pick up is on the way, even worse, no radio contact from ANYONE on the main land. You start to wonder if the cell towers are down or at WORST maybe an EMP has occurred? The thought of this makes you sick to your stomach, you dwell on being stuck on this oil rig with 100 other workers.

There is enough food to last 2 more weeks and for the most part everyone is being rational about divvying out the food equally to each other, but civility won't last long. We all know what happens when people get hungry.

You and a few others get together and discuss a plan to GTFO. On your oil rig there is currently only a small boat with an out-board engine that will carry 4-5 people at most. But, the head honcho of the rig isn't letting anyone touch it and has a few guys watching it 24/7. With hunger, thirst, and doom to soon set in, what is your plan to survive?


  • You have whatever you pack in your #BOB minus a gun because no weapons are allowed on the rig.

  • You have prepping and some bushcraft experience.

What's your move?

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