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Scenario 14 - Prison Break

Updated: May 29, 2021

You are 45 days into civil war. The house has passed unconstitutional federal bills restricting assault rifles and imposing gun collections in all major cities. This act sparked a revolution of patriots, militia groups and 2A supporters who've banded together and took an aggressive posture with the LE officers & Homeland Security that started the door to door weapon confiscations.

It began ruthless and progressively got worse when ANTIFA groups saw this as an opportunity to advance on the militia groups. Within 3 weeks the US was cascaded into full scale civil war. Aside from the casualties of battles, many innocents were killed leaving neighborhoods wiped out.

You've hunkered down and survived the chaos but recently you heard over your Motorola Talkabout that the State Supermax Prison that's only 2 miles away has finally run out of diesel fuel in the generators releasing the electromechanical locks. There's now somewhere between 1,500 - 2,000 really bad dudes on the street less than 2 miles from your home. All of the homes closest to the prison have been ransacked and the group continues to spread further out. From the intel you gathered on your 2-way radio, there have been robberies, rapes, and murders. Of the those that are left, nobody stands a chance, they're just being overwhelmed by sheer numbers and heinous violence. It won't be long before the group reaches your neighborhood.

What's your move?

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