Scenario 15 - Capsized

Updated: May 29, 2021

You are canoeing with a friend who has no survival experience in a boreal forest river/creek. You planned well for this trip, food, maps, alternative routes out of the forest etc. It's day 2 of the 3 day trip.

About 4 hours into the day, your route starts getting a bit sketchy, a lot of debris in the water, some areas getting thin or shallow. It's possible you took a wrong turn a ways back without realizing it.

Suddenly, you hit some unexpected rapids that weren't on your planned route, confirming you've gone the wrong way. The canoe flips. You plunge into the rapids and crack your head on a rock... everything goes black. You wake up later and see your friend also on the shore. Extreme pain shoots through your leg, it's definitely broken. Your friend is okay though, just shaken by the experience.


  • While your friend has no survival experience and is still a bit traumatized by your injury, she's acting confident on your behalf.

  • Your broken leg hinders you from completing a lot of survival tasks or walking back.

  • ALL gear except your knife and ferrocerium rod are lost.

What's your move?

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