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Scenario 16 - Danger Close

Updated: May 29, 2021

Guerilla Warfare

6 months post collapse, you are still living in your house and have gathered the neighbors together to work out a survival plan. With your experience and fearlessness, you have been chosen to lead the pack. Everyone contributes something to the group whether they have survival experience or not. One day, a scouts hurries back community terribly panicked. He says there is a group of bandits with some trucks and assault rifles camped out about 8 miles away. Based on where they are, the scout believes they will head through your area and most likely stop to scavenge supplies. They seem to be well organized.

You meet with your group and decide the best option is to protect home. Those who disagreed decided to high tail it out of the neighborhood leaving only 25 people behind. You post some men on the outskirts of your community to radio back if and when they detect movement and also to watch if they have scouts of their own. The rest begin to plan the defense strategy. So far, it appears they have no idea about the presence of your people which gives you the element of surprise. The radio beeps to life and the scout reports, "the bandits are on the move, heading directly toward the neighborhood!"

What’s the defense plan you made with the group? Be detailed.


  • Your community has 25 people left, 9 adult men, 9 adult women, 3 teenage boys, 4 young children.

  • Collectively, the group has a few assault rifles, long guns, hand guns, and shot guns.

  • 3 of the men and 2 of the women have military experience, you also have 3 families of competent preppers.

  • Lastly, one of the scouts picked up a few grenades and a M4 with a 203 grenade launcher with 2 rounds a couple weeks back from an abandoned Humvee.

What's your move?

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