Scenario 17 - Ebola Execution

Updated: May 29, 2021

The last few weeks, you've been seeing reports on the news of the Ebola outbreak in portions of West Africa. Out of the 22 million people in Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea, there's already 17 million confirmed cases. This is an outbreak of epic proportions. 3 days ago, the CDC tracked and confirmed the spread of the disease to the US through every international airport. Consequently, the Hazard Threat Level was raised to 'Urgent'. Hours after this report, the CDC, in conjunction with federal government, issued a travel ban through the FAA as infected counts in the US are growing exponentially. Last night your TV flashed the emergency alert warning of a mutated strain of the virus found in your state, you have been instructed to stay indoors under any and all circumstances.

The next morning, you're following orders and staying inside. You've hunkered down in your 2nd floor apartment over a city bakery. Things have been quiet but you've continued to watch the news hoping for reports that there has been progress on containing the outbreak in the US. All of a sudden, you hear a loud rumble in the street. You're cooking dinner so you ignore it at first, but eventually you start hearing screams in the street. As you look out your window you see a tank, barricades, and men in hazmat suits marking people and restraining them. You can see people lined up by the guards and other armed men kicking in doors at neighboring buildings. There is a sign on the barricade that reads a 'Quarantine'. As you're trying to put the pieces together of what's going on, a shot rings out... One of the marked people were just executed. They begin walking the next person up to the line.

What's your move?

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