Scenario 18 - They're Out There

Updated: May 29, 2021

8 months ago, the Federal Government began imposing regulations on firearms that many felt to be unconstitutional. There didn't seem to be a large presence of support from the NRA when it first started happening and a number of Pro 2nd Amendment groups and both state and national Militia groups banded together to take a stance. The Government saw this as a major act of violence and dispatched National Guard and DHS in every major area that groups began assembling. Peaceful protests turned into violent riots after less-lethal rounds resulted in 4 fatalities. While the 3%/2A groups began intense battles against the Guardsman, extreme left groups and Antifa chapters saw this as a perfect opportunity to defeat the 3%/2A groups since they'd be fighting on 2 fronts simultaneously. This resulted in full scale civil war across most major metropolitan areas.

Months after the revolution left the country scarred, survivors of the war banded together to hide out as cities became very dangerous. Few prepared families tried to hunker down and remain hidden by themselves but dangers in the city have caused the groups of survivors to branch further out looking for these prepper families in hopes of stealing supplies.

You're a single parent, it's only you and and your 5 year old son. The invading groups have forced you from your home on the edge of the city. You pack up what few supplies you can carry and begin hiking out of the city to escape danger. As you pass through what appeared to be an abandoned area, you start to hear people whistling and cackling. You can't tell where it's coming from but it grows in intensity until you can tell there's at least 10 or 15 people making the noises at you. At this point, you know an attack is imminent.

What's your move?

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