Scenario 19 - Christmas Quake

Updated: May 29, 2021

Christmas time is here! Family gatherings, holiday cheer, presents galore, and some spiked Egg Nog. Everyone's feeling festive which means everyone's getting complacent.

It's Christmas Eve, you are getting ready to leave for a family dinner that's about 1hr away. Your car has your standard bug out equipment already loaded because you always drive prepared. As you start packing up the gifts in your trunk, you realize you're going to need to cut your survival inventory in half. There's just not enough room. It's a tough call on which items will stay and which will go. You eventually clear out everything that didn't make the cut, your family and all the presents are loaded so you hit road to the Christmas Eve dinner.

A few hours in, everything has been going great. Your family did their gift exchange and everyone got something from their wishlist, plus the dinner was amazing. Eventually, all good things must come to an end. 4 hours go by and everyone starts heading.

Just over the halfway mark into the drive you end up in a full-scale SHTF event. While in your vehicle, you feel the ground shaking violently. You slow down and pull over to the shoulder to avoid getting in a pile-up. Shortly after the earthquake stops, you begin to observe the city crumbling. Everything goes dark and you can hear buildings collapsing, even from a few miles away. Nearby, cars are crashing both in front and behind you, trapping you and your family on the highway. You keep your calm to keep your family calm. Time to grab your bug out equipment.

  • Did you make the right decisions when removing gear?

  • What are those items you kept?

  • What did you leave behind?

  • What was your reasoning?

From this point on you can either head home which is still about 30-45 minutes away... by car, or keep on moving to your destination. The highway is a straight shot to your neighborhood, and you're just a few minutes away from the exit. You'd be home with all your survival goodies. However, just a few miles behind you is the city and it's up in flames.

What's your move?

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