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Scenario 2 - Downwind of Disaster

Updated: May 29, 2021

You live about 30 minutes away from an active nuclear power plant. Just after dinner time, you hear the tornado sirens go off. You look out the window and it's clear skies. Your next thought is to turn on the TV and check the weather (pretend for a moment your cell phone isn't glued to your hand). Shortly after you turn on the TV, the Emergency Alert Broadcast begins explaining the has been a catastrophic failure at the nuclear power plant near your home resulting in a release of highly radioactive particles into the atmosphere.

Within moments of hearing the news, you lose power at your house. It's not dark out yet but you didn't hear the rest of the message instructing you what to do. You check your cell phone but can't find any local news of the situation yet.

What's your move?

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