Scenario 22 - No Time to Argue

Updated: May 29, 2021

A societal collapse, due to government shutdown, has led to mass riots, rapes, break ins, and killings. To avoid getting caught in the chaos, you decide that it's time for your family to pack up and go, gotta leave the suburbs. You have access to a family cottage out in the middle of nowhere and you just need to go there until the madness dies down.

You did not make this decision lightly, there's a lot at stake with a choice like this. Leave too early and there would certainly be consequences. There could be repercussions at work for not showing up. There could be legal repercussions for getting busted traveling with illegal weapons/gear at a state police check-point on the way to your BOL (bug out location). You could face danger along the route like riots, roadblocks, or ambushes. What if it doesn't really go down, and you just uprooted everyone in a mad dash. That could be enough for you to lose the trust of your family to make the right decision. But, on the other hand, leave too late and your family could face the unthinkable.

You tell your {wife or husband}, "It's time to go. We need to bug out, pack the gear. " For you, the writing is on the wall, you are convinced that if you stay, very bad things will happen. But your better half suffers from normalcy bias, that feeling of "the government will take care of us/nothing will happen to us/everything will be okay". She/he refuses to go, calling you crazy and psychotic. You beg and plead but your attempts are futile. They're not going under any circumstances. Out of panic, you start packing up everyone's stuff. Thinking by the time you're done, they will have changed their mind, however, this is met with irrational anger. You try to compromise but nothing is working.


👫 / 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 - For this scenario, if you have kids, assume that your significant other refuses to let you take them with if you leave.

What's your move?

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