Scenario 23 - The City is Burning

Updated: May 29, 2021

You work in the downtown area of a heavily populated city. You're surrounded by large buildings. You're working late one evening. Just after close, you're feeling a bit of food coma from your lunch. You walk over to the coffee machine figuring one last cup will keep you from being too drowsy on your drive home. Suddenly, there's an incredible shaking. The noise in itself is terrifyingly loud. The creaking and stretching of the steel coupled with the crumbling of concrete has a very ominous sound. The building shakes violently, your gut instinct is to get outside immediately. You run for the building stairwell hoping there has not been significant structural damage. Looks as though you're not the only one rushing for the stairs. You have to stop and help a coworker that stumbled down a the bottom two steps, and then it's a mad dash for the emergency exit.

Once outside, you make your way to the middle of the street after the traffic comes to a stop, just to be far away from falling debris. You pan around the horizon and can already see damage to nearby buildings, car accidents everywhere, and large plumes of gray and black smoke rising into the atmosphere. Explosions are occurring in the background every few seconds, illuminating the sky with a creepy orange glow.

You feel your phone vibrate and it's a text message from your significant other, it just says '911'. You try to call but the network is too congested and calls won't go through. You start running down the street, no supplies other than what you had in your pockets. It's utter chaos everywhere you turn. You can barely move without exposing yourself to incredible dangers, but these gas line explosions keep happening all over the place seemingly without warning. Staying still will be equally dangerous. Where will you go? How will you get through city safely for a 25 mile trek home?

What's your move?

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