Scenario 24 - Man's Best Friend

Updated: May 29, 2021

Your state has just been felt the wrath of a Cat 5 hurricane, your town taking a direct hit. Despite all evacuation warnings and advanced weather reports accurately predicting the storms path, you've elected to bug in. "We're going to hunker down and ride this storm out." I mean why not, you've got milk, bread, a case or two of water, and you've boarded up the windows.

You're lucky enough to live atop one of the highest points in your neighborhood, this has afforded you the escape from the flood waters. However, there was just no preparation you could do to protect against the savage winds. At 170mph, your roof peeled right off like the lid of a sardine can. This left the structural integrity of the home comprised and it was not long before the garage wall started collapsing into your home.

At this point, you, you significant other, child, and the family dog are completely exposed to the torrential rains and battering winds. You start to feel like there's no hope left them suddenly the storms just stop. No rain, no wind, a shred of daylight peeking through the clouds. "Is it over?" asks your 5 year old. But you know better, this storm isn't over yet... You're in the eye of the storm and you've got about 30 minutes to figure things out before hell unleashes more fury on your family.

The decision is made, you must leave the wreckage and seek shelter elsewhere. As you climb from what's left of your home, you can see that just about every other home has suffered the same fate. Your partner is getting the dog and your ready to go and you attempt to get to your car, but the collapsed brick wall of the garage makes it an impossible task. You realize you're going to need to go on foot. But how far will you make it and will you find a place of refuge before the next wave of the storm?

As you walk, it's clear no homes survived. Where will you go? No workable shelter in sight. As you get to the end of the block, you see headlights shining through the trees. You run up to the truck and plead with the shady looking driver to take your family to safety. He agrees but tells you there's no room for the dog.

What's your move?

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