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Scenario 26 - Showdown at the Office

Updated: May 29, 2021

Part 2 of 4 (see scenario 25 for part 1)

Her name was Shari, the girl I rescued from the gang. She and her mother were ripped out of their car as they tried to escape the city a week and later than they should have. I witnessed the whole thing. I was able to rescue Shari but not her mother.

Now, I had to do something if I was not going to die of sepsis, so I decided to reach out to the "shooter" in the building. I asked Shari to hold out a white flag (napkin) and call out to whom ever was out there. I stayed back and waited to respond to any direct attack that might occur. I didn't really have much of a defensive plan as I had a useless left arm and only three rounds of ammo.

Shari called out, "Hello, please don't shoot, it's just me."

"Who is me?" responded a woman whose tone was one of panic with a glimmer of hope. "I will shoot you if you try to hurt me! I will shoot you!"

"I'm Shari, and my friend who is hurt bad!"

There was a long pause then the woman responded, "How old are you Shari and how bad is your friend hurt?"

"I am thirteen. My friend has been shot in the arm and is prolly gonna die if I don't get him medicine."

There was another long pause. "You aren't trying to trick me are you? I will shoot you!"

"No Ma'am. I'm just scared and I don't want my friend to die".

After yet another long pause the woman replied, "Can your friend walk?"

"Yes Ma'am"

"Ok, but you have to come to me. I will shoot if this is a trick!"

Well, we safely made it to June's (that was her name) office hold-out where we found her with a Glock 19 and a dead husband in the other room. "Oh dear", said June as she looked me over, "you are in bad shape!" And, just like that I was out.

I awoke to an empty office and a note that said "Me and Miss June are going to find you some medicine." My gun was gone and so was June and her gun.

The sound of gunfire erupted followed by screaming from a woman and a girl.

My instinct was to run to the rescue but I was really in no shape to attempt it. This could be, however, the perfect distraction for me to make my way to the pet store.

Do I die a hero or live another day?

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