Scenario 27 - The Ways of the Ancestors

Updated: May 29, 2021

Part 3 of 4 (see scenario 26 for part 2)

I was in and out of consciousness for three days. I vaguely remember the Old Man saying “You need to learn the ways of the ancestors” as he cleaned and packed my wound with honey and sugar.

When I was fully lucid the Old Man said, “She is alive, I will show you where they have taken her.” I followed him up the stairs to the top of the building. He carried a single-shot .22 rifle that looked older than he was. He had fitted it with a suppressor that he made out of plastic bottles. From the roof he pointed to a building where two armed men stood. “The gang war has reduced their numbers. They are down to six men. They keep two sentries in the front of the building at all times and send out raiding parties of two or three in the late afternoon. If you look you will see a rooftop access similar to the one on this building.”. When we returned downstairs he said, “They forgot to take the older woman’s pistol” as he handed me June’s Glock 19.

I did an inventory of what I had available to me:

  • June’s Glock 19 with 11 rounds

  • My Glock 26 with 3 rounds

  • The Old Man’s suppressed .22lr single-shot with 16 rounds

  • A fire extinguisher

  • 2 mouse traps

  • A spool of fishing line with assorted hooks

  • 3 bottles of vodka

  • A roll of electrician’s tape

  • A flashlight

  • A box of strike anywhere matches

How many times am I going to have to rescue this girl?

Time to make a plan.

What's your move?

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