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Scenario 29 - The Purge

Updated: May 29, 2021

You've been laying low in your home for the last 5 days. It's Wednesday and you've skipped work the last three days. The voice of reason in your head told you it's probably not going to be safe to travel the 45 min trip to work this week because of riots in the city. You asked your spouse to stay home as well.

Things are really getting hot. What started as a political rally turned into all out chaos and it seemed to breakdown overnight. You really weren't really surprised that the rally concluded with a violent ending. Even the local news made mention last week about the increased security due to intelligence of planned threats. But, from that to complete anarchy in just a few days? What went wrong? How did we get here? You pondered these questions long and hard but the reality is, those answers don't matter at this point. You felt it in your gut that it was time to leave on Sunday, 2 days after the riots broke out. But hey, that's more than 10 miles away so... Not going to affect much more than the commute probably.

So here we are, holed up in the house, locked down, gear at the ready, on constant watch because we didn't leave when we had the chance. How could you predict it would end up in your neighborhood - and in less than 5 days? You have heard gunshots on a pretty regular basis, and seen people chased and attacked just watching through the cracks in your blinds. There are homes on fire in your neighborhood. They're illuminating the night sky with an ominous orange glow.

The violence is no longer being kept to the streets, nearby homes are being compromised. Your prepper buddy a few miles away has been maintaining a radio schedule with you so you get to hear horror stories from the other side of town too.

Now the only question is, with this purge going on outside, will you and your family be safe if you stay or should you go. And, if you're going to go, when is the right time?

What's your move?

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