Scenario 3 - Wrong Place, Wrong Time

Updated: May 29, 2021

This scenario is design to challenge your moral compass. How will you handle this?

6 months ago, a stock market crash created a snowball effect leading to the official crash of the dollar and eventually full scale civil unrest. The situation became bad very quickly. Police and military control tapered off very quickly because gangs developed everywhere. Most left their posts to stay at home and defend their families.

As a prepper you've made it this entire time with relative ease. You had 1 year of food/water put aside for family. As a single parent with a pre-teen daughter, you felt the need to barter with a trustworthy neighbor... Some of your family's food in exchange for security. Not an organized security group or a skilled prepper, just another friend living in your home to help cover watch to keep your family safe.

Last night, you and your daughter were sleeping. Your friend was out back doing a night time perimeter check. You are practicing proper light and sound discipline so your house looks completely abandoned. Somehow, by chance of bad timing, a masked intruder gets in the door your friend left open to go on patrol. You are awoken by the sound of rummaging around and go to check out what your friend is doing. When you realize it's not him, you realize you don't have your pistol, you grab a heavy wall decoration of the wall and move in for the attack. He hears you coming and turns to see you, as he draws his gun, you're already close enough that you deliver a punishing blow to his head. The gun falls out of his hand and the two of you wrestle until you're able to get control of the gun and fire the only 2 rounds into his chest. You're safe and the intruder is dead. Moments later your friend walks in the door after hearing the gunshots, only he has 2 small children with him. The intruder was just a hungry dad trying to scavenge for his family. You're food supply is already running scarce because of adding an your friend into the mix, but you now have 2 children with no father because you had to kill him.

What's your move?

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