Scenario 32 - Just Like You

Updated: May 29, 2021

There are 8 in your group. A husband and wife with two small children, a husband and wife with one small child and there was you. You basically picked them up as strays when SHTF and decided that you would try to get them to your brother’s farm rather than leave them to “The Hoard”. None had any type of survival training but they have all proven themselves to be brave, resilient and loyal. You are armed with an AR and a Glock 17. Each of the men and one of the women are armed with a couple a shotguns and a revolver recovered from a previous skirmish.

Threats on the trail were few, but those encountered were truly life and death so movement was done as tactically as possible. The main group moves down the trail and you hang back far enough as to not be noticed if confronted by a dangerous situation. This had proven itself an effective technique.

During your travels, the front group abruptly stop as they encounter another similar mob. You hear members from both parties challenge each other and sense the rising tensions. As you had previously done, you hit the woods to flank the conflict and take out any threat using stealth and surprise. You move quickly and quietly and are just about to finish your flanking movement when you come face to face with another armed man…flanking the groups from the other direction. You were both stealthy enough to get within a few meters of each other without being detected. This guy clearly has skills and training on par with yours. You stare at each other eye to eye…minds racing…each man measuring the other. Is this man a threat…or is he just trying to keep his group alive… just like you are?

What’s your move?

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