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Scenario 33 - Sky on Fire

Updated: May 29, 2021

You've been out of town since Monday for work, roughly 90 miles away. On Wednesday, your cell phone lost network connection. Certainly odd at first, but you are out in the middle of nowhere, so you blow it off thinking you might be in a dead spot. A late night of work left you tired on your return back to the hotel Wednesday night so you just knocked out right away. Thursday morning as you've just checked out of the hotel you notice a lot of activity in the very rural town that you've been staying in. Still, you pay no attention and start your drive home.

Once on the country back roads, everything seemed to be back to normal, only still no cell phone - thank God you brought a map or you'd be in some trouble. As you get about halfway through your drive, you notice the sky has a weird, hazy tint to it. Is bad weather moving in? The light passing through atmosphere has given very ominous look to your surroundings. While gazing at the beauty of this phenomenon, you don't notice that your radio suddenly turned to static.

As you start returning back to the reality of your boring and otherwise uneventful drive, you begin to notice a lot of weird things in the background the closer you get. You can faintly hear sirens, but can't see where they're coming from. Little by little, small plumes of black smoke begin to appear on the horizon. Curiosity kicks into high gear, wtf is going on? You start to put things together... no cell phone, weird sky, sirens, things burning, and wait, what happened to the music?

Now you're in full blown panic, and by this point you are now in viewing range of the city you live in, the only real city along the route you've been driving, and it looks like the world has ended. You pull over and get out to see what has happened but there's no way to tell what caused all of this distraction from your vantage point. Your family is still in the city and you can hear the sounds of the city in the distance, sirens, screams, explosions... You wonder what has happened, and is your family okay?

What's your move?

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