Scenario 34 - Bird Flu Express

Updated: May 29, 2021

You've been stuck in a hot & muggy subway car that has been stalled underground due to a power outage for going on 3 hours now. The paramedics arrive and are examining people for mild injuries from the abrupt stop that occurred when the power went out.

While triaging the passengers, they find a couple on your car who've just flown back from a middle eastern country where there is currently a bird flu epidemic. One has been coughing up specs of blood, the other is running a fever. (Both symptoms of the bird flu) The paramedics are trying to keep everyone calm and have asked everyone to remain in the car. You can start to see law enforcement moving in and surrounding the train.

What’s your move?

Contributed by IG follower @_professor9_

Edited by Zero Actual

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