Scenario 36 - Easter Egg Hunt

Updated: May 29, 2021


3 months post collapse and you’ve been holed up in the house with your family. However, tomorrow is Easter and you quickly realize you have NO little goodies for you son. He's having a really hard time coping and some sense of normalcy would be a huge morale booster for him.

You load up for a scavenging mission. Luckily, you're in the middle of the suburbs, very close to a major commercial hotspot. Tons of retailers once thrived there but now, they're all likely to be ransacked and stripped clean. You grab your bag and your AR15 and set off. From a distance, the Target seems empty from what you see through your bi-nos so you head over and begin searching for anything that could be good Easter treats.

You are just about to head out and see an Easter Bunny suit and think “what the heck” so you try it on because how awesome would it be for your 5 year old son to see the Easter Bunny! Right before you go to take the suit off you hear talking from what seems like 4 or 5 men walking in. You sit there in your Bunny suit and think “ MY SON IS HAVING A DAMN EASTER” so you charge your AR, suited up like a bunny and get ready to raise hell! How will you get out of this situation alive?


  • These guys are here for one reason, to steal your son's Easter stuff

  • They all have pew pew guns


  • Since this is a Holiday scenario - you CANNOT harm anyone

What's your move?

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