Scenario 37 - Bear Attack

Updated: May 29, 2021

Preface: Bear attacks are very rare but do occur. You are 60,000 times more likely to be murdered than attacked by a bear.

New Hampshire has a "Tower Quest Program" in which you receive a badge after having hiked to all of the15 fire towers managed by the New Hampshire Division of Forest and Lands. Back in the 1930's those that completed the hikes received what was to be known as "squirrel cards". This scenario is for entertainment and educational purposes is in no way intended to reflect poorly on the wonderful people of New Hampshire or the New Hampshire Division of Forest and Lands. If I piss off any bears, well then so be it!

The attack was quick and brutal and your wife received the brunt of it. You had only one tower left on the Tower Quest Program and you were both ready to celebrate. There would be no celebration.

The black bear ripped into your wife's left leg and it was bleeding... profusely. The bear would retreat only to return and continue to press the attack. You were able to make it to the tower and through adrenaline and pure will, make it to the cab (tower room). Your pack lay on the ground where the attack originated and in it, your cell phone and other EDC items. The bear would not leave the base of the tower and you are well aware that the bear was very capable of climbing the tower.

So there you of a fire watch tower in the middle of the New Hampshire forest, wife about to bleed out, pack with comms and first aid on the ground, bloodthirsty bear waiting to kill you.

What's your move?

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