Scenario 38 - Late Night Visitor

Updated: May 29, 2021

"Hey, what was that?" You didn't really catch that your better half was trying to wake you up. The vigorous shaking certainly did the trick though. "WHAAAAT?" "Didn't you hear that? I heard something downstairs!" You go from asleep to awake real quick, it's that instant adrenaline rush from the thought that someone is in your house at 3am. So many thing go through your head and you don't react immediately. You sit there quietly listening and realize when you hear that old creak in the 3rd stair that you just lost about 30 seconds of reaction time and they're almost halfway up the stairs.

The kid's bedrooms are the first doors you pass once you get to the top of the stairs. You must make a split second decision, go straight to the kids, or arm yourself. You don't have time for both (unless you have a gun safe next to your bed).

What's your move?

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