Scenario 4 - I'm not Quarantining!

Updated: May 29, 2021

The WHO (World Health Organization) has issued a phase 5 alert following an influenza outbreak of a mutated strain of the virus causing severe respiratory distress, extreme fever and in most cases so far, eventual death. CDC has identified the origination of this new strain in a nearby livestock farm and a large area surrounding your home has been quarantined by the National Guard, in conjunction with DHS. They've also issued a 24 hour curfew to prevent anyone from leaving their homes.

You've been lucky so far and are not showing any symptoms but know it's spreading rapidly and if you stay, you'll suffer an inevitable fate. You opt to bug out with your dog and escape the quarantined area to avoid getting sick. You chose to move at night because the DHS has roving patrols guarding the perimeter of the quarantine and the Guard is on watch in neighborhoods enforcing the curfew.

While it's a very large perimeter, there's a great deal of impassable mountainous terrain leaving the DHS and Guard minimal area to cover. After walking for a few hours, you find yourself near the edge of the quarantine. There's a long train tunnel that passes through a mountain leading to a safe zone. There's no easy way around due to jagged and steep cliffs on on side and the patrols on the other. The tunnel is a known hotspot for gang activity which has only gotten worse since the start of the quarantine.

As you approach, you're forced with a choice, travel a great distance around the mountain and risk capture by the DHS patrols or pass through the tunnel risking a run-in with a ruthless gang. The tunnel is pitch black and your dog refuses to go, barking and whimpering as you get closer. There's clearly something in there that has him spooked, but it's too dark to tell what it is.


  • Just you and the dog. Climbing is not an option if you have the dog.

  • You do not have a firearm on your person.

  • Your flashlight has stopped working, you'd be navigating blindly.

  • You're in a visible area and are likely to be spotted by the patrol if you don't make a choice quickly.

What's your move?

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