Scenario 40 - Best Laid Plans

Updated: May 29, 2021

“Even the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry” Robert Burns, Scottish poet.⁣

The first day on the trail was long and arduous. Thinking about getting in shape was not the same thing as actually getting in shape and your body is starting to take notice. Anyway, you are well equipped and have planned your route carefully, plotting way-points, planting caches, and attending to every detail. Your aching body, however, says it’s time to rest. You push into the woods off-trail, being careful not to leave any trace of your passing. You are so weary that you don’t even bother with a tent and just spread out a ground cloth. You’re asleep before your eyes close. ⁣

You awake with a start, sensing that something is wrong. You reach for your rifle, which was right beside you as you slept, but it is not there. Stunned, you realized that everything is gone – your pack, your boots, your rifle – everything but your clothes and the ground cloth. You jump up and look around as panic sets in. As you look around you notice a rock with a piece of paper sticking out from under it. ⁣

The note reads, “Dude, you snore louder than a fu#king freight train! It led me right to you… so I took your shit.”⁣

“P. S. I left your boots and some water behind a tree cause I kinda felt sorry for you… DUMBASS!”⁣

Snore! All of your planning and attention to detail and you never even thought of that!⁣ ⁣

What else might you have missed? ⁣

What’s your move?⁣

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