Scenario 41 - Anyone for Camping?

Updated: May 29, 2021

Bad trade agreements and sanctions imposed by the US government on other nations resulted in a backlash ending in the collapse of the dollar. The situation deteriorated faster than anyone could have imagined. The "state of emergency" had evolved into full-scale, nationwide, martial law.

The government has been spread too thin and management of the crisis has been poor, but there's no way they could have prepared for a crisis of this scale. Most of your surrounding community has already made their way to the nearest FEMA camp. But, despite the very limited access to internet and cell service, there's still patches of working communication utilities and you're constantly in the rumor hearing stories of DHS guards abusing their authority, including violence and rape. It doesn't stop with the DHS, there's incessant crime amongst the "inmates" (a nickname used by the guards to describe the population in the camp). People have been assigned jobs and are working intense shifts with very few calories rationed out daily.

The government is aware of the few remaining groups of self-sufficient people who don't need the camp. There've been many visits from representatives suggesting you and the family join the camp. More recently, these "suggestions" are becoming more like "requests" or "demands". The last visit from your DHS representative ended with the following statement...

"We look forward to seeing you and your family on the bus at the extraction point tomorrow. This will be our last extraction to the camp, if you're not there, there's no telling what horrible things may come, I hope you make the right decision."

And with a sly wink, he walked away.

What's your move?

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