Scenario 43 - Baby, It's Cold Outside

Updated: May 29, 2021

You and your 9mth old are on a long stretch of barren road heading home from visiting a friend. While you were out, snow came down with a remarkable intensity leaving you with a long drive home on an unplowed road. Hitting a patch of black ice, you slide off the road, burying the front end of your car deep into a snow drift... You're stuck. To make matters worse, it's only about 5 degrees out and getting dark. In the region, cell service is spotty at best, but completely unavailable in your current area.

You were nervous already because you only had an 1/8 tank of gas before starting your drive, and still a good 10 miles to the nearest gas station. The road, which passes through miles of open prairies and farms, has patches of trees every couple hundred yards.

You have only what's in your car right now to help you.

What's your move?

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