Scenario 44 - Camping Disaster

Updated: May 29, 2021

You've been incredibly busy with work the last 2 weeks and you could tell your 5 year old needed some Dad time. Just like that, a last-minute Father's Day weekend camping trip was setup. Everything was going great. The first night you setup the tent, built a fire and roasted S'mores. It was a wonderful bonding experience. Day two begins with a few Mountain House breakfast meals and discussion of the fishing journey that you're about to go on.

You guys set off to the river, roughly 2 miles from your camp site. After walking about 30 minutes, intuition tells you to turn around. Maybe it was the brief period of silence. But, no one is there... Immediate panic, where is your child? You yell their name, but no answer. Pacing back and forth, screaming, retracing your steps - this is a feeling you never hoped to experience. How far could a 5 year old have gotten in 5 minutes?

Lost alone in the woods, what will your child do?

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