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Scenario 49 - "They Can't Stop All of Us"

Updated: May 31, 2021

Date: September 21st, 2019 | Raid Area 51

The gates of hell have opened. You wake up to an unimaginable high-pitch screech, louder than anything you've ever heard. It creates a level of pain inside your skull that you can't bear. As suddenly as it began it stopped, you have no clue what just happened. After a few minutes of disorientation, you compose yourself, stand up and open the blinds to see this.

Rewind 24 hours... What started as an online prank accelerated to a point that nobody ever expected. Despite multiple firm warnings from the Air Force, the Facebook event to storm Area 51 raised support of over 3 million people despite. Amongst that group of people were many large organizations funding the operation for marketing and publicity. Engineers joined for a possible glimpse at technology they could never dream of. And then there was the hackers, geeks, ex mil/spec ops, and many other skilled individuals that showed up.

Weeks were spent planning the assault. It was never anyone's intention to hurt people, but a very complex cyber attack was initiated on Area 51's perimeter security to defeat sensors and cameras. But the defense system was surprisingly less complex than the malware that was used and it spread to other systems and as a result shut down their entire security grid. One by one giant pulses or orange and purple light illuminated the sky. The ground rumbled, structures collapsed, and things that should have remained behind locked doors were released.

What's your move?

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