Scenario 5 - A Horrific Hike

Updated: May 29, 2021

It's 3 months into a societal collapse caused by a series of massive earthquakes that ravaged your country. You've hunkered down in your home near the edge of the city because after the quakes, it was the safest and best option considering you have a 4 year old and a 11 month old child. Your house is well protected and set up for a long term survival situation. As the police faded, a large group of MS-13 have taken control of the city and guard the exits and entrances to kill or capture anyone trying to leave and take their supplies.

Your 4 year old becomes seriously ill. You consult your medical manual and come to the conclusion that its pneumonia. However you do not know if its bacteria or viral pneumonia. You have no medicine to help him and the only options are to go out and search for some. All the hospitals and pharmacies in the area have been picked dry by looters, gangs shortly after the collapse except one... A Walgreens on the lowest floor of a building that has become headquarters for a large group of MS-13 members. It remains stocked with tons of antibiotics and medicines. On the flip side you've heard on your radio that a town about 30 miles outside the city has a safe location that the government secured and its handling out supplies and medical attention.


  • The Walgreens controlled by MS-13 is downtown in an extremely dangerous area but you've been to that area before on supply and observed only 2-3 people on watching after midnight. The only way to get in is extreme stealth as an all out gun fight would be a suicide mission. BUT, the pharmacy is close and you know the area and could be back by day break.

  • Driving isn't an option to get to the town outside of the city so you'd have to hike. You'd first need to travel through about 10 miles of city and the rest is open country. You know this trip would take days because leaving the city you must travel slowly and cautiously to avoid capture. While this is safer for you, your child's condition worsens every day. You would need to go and return as quickly as possible, while mom stays with the kids.

What's your move?

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