Scenario 50 - Objects in the Mirror are Closer than the Appear

Updated: May 31, 2021

It’s been 3 months since a major financial collapse occurred. Due to an abundance of unprepared people, things went downhill fast leading to significant crime, murders, theft, and pillaging. Gas, water, and of course food are have become valuable commodities. You have stored about 8 months worth of supplies and so far have been living off of it quietly, alone. You regularly talk to your dad via HAM radio and decided it would be best to make the trip to his place, a more secluded area, which is about 400 miles away. Things don’t seem to be shaping up and your area has gotten really bad; it’s time to leave. You load up your trailer full of your supplies, cover it with a tarp to hide the contents, and hook it up to your Jeep. You have fuel, ammo, guns (30-06, AR), some water jugs, and a lot of useful medical supplies. In the jeep there's a 357 mag and a 12ga shorty. You hit the road and luckily make it out of the neighborhood.

About 150 miles into the trip, you notice 3 vehicles following you. You try to speed up but that doesn’t seem to improve your odds. You make some turns and try different routes but the trailing cars seem to anticipate your moves and end up on your tail still. You could keep driving but will eventually have to pull over to refuel. The supplies are too valuable to give up because it’ll greatly supplement your parent's dwindling supply.

What's your move?

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