Scenario 52 - FEAST

Updated: May 31, 2021

No one knows what caused it, but the plants just started dying. All of them. At first we all thought it was something that would pass. The government gave their guarantees and FEMA started delivering food. That worked out fine for the first couple months until we all started realizing, nothing was growing. Nothing.

The expected civil unrest began and it was brutally quelled by the FedGov. After a time, FEMA started to deliver a type of food that had not been seen before. It wasn’t very good and it looked disgusting but it was food. No one gave any thought as to where the food came from. One of my older neighbors laughingly joked that it was probably SOYLENT GREEN, referring to a movie from the 1970’s in which dead people were processed as food.

Orders were given that all should make there way to Federal Emergency Aid Stations in Kansas and Oklahoma. Food and water would be provided for all that made the journey peacefully and orderly.

Seeing that none of us had food or water, there was really not much of a choice.

As promised, food (which we had all started calling ‘nasty meat’) and water was provided and the number of “pilgrims”, as we had begun to call ourselves, grew larger and larger.

At certain way points we were divided and sent to various locations and set up in camps. We were told that if we were patient we would be eventually invited to “New Paradise” where each would be provided with what we needed, be it food, medicine, shelter, etc.

Things seemed fine for a while until we started to ask ourselves, “Where is this food they’re feeding us coming from?” We also noticed that once someone went to “New Paradise”, they were never heard from again. When we asked, we were told, “You’ll understand once you reach Paradise.” Something just didn’t seem right. A chill ran down my spine when I thought about what my neighbor had said and then looked at the sign above the gate to New Paradise which had the letters for Federal Emergency Aid Station- F.E.A.ST.


What’s your move?

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