Scenario 53 - Here I Am, Rock You Like a Hurricane

Updated: May 31, 2021

The category 5 is on its way. This is nothing new to you as you have experienced hurricanes before. You are prepped and ready. You have food stored and a full water BOB in your bathtub. Your son was not as prepared as you so you gave him your Big Berkey and spare water BOB.

The hurricane tore through your town and it seems as though it may be quite some time before services are restored. A giant limb has gone through your bathroom window and has to be dealt with or you will be covered in mosquitoes in no time. You get a saw, hammer, nails, and other tools necessary for the fix. The window is on the other side of the tub so you have to straddle it in order to do the repair. You lose your balance and fall. The saw rips into the water BOB. You watch your only water supply go down the drain.

Did you have a plan B? What was it?

What's your move?

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