Scenario 54 - Adventures in Babysitting

Updated: May 31, 2021

You and your significant other decided you've been overdue for a date night. Didn't take long to set some reservations at your favorite steak house. You left your 14 year old home babysitting your 9 year old. Checking in periodically throughout the night via text, every report came back "all good". However, just after 11pm, you pull in the driveway and that parental instinct kicks in, you can immediately tell something is wrong. Before you even get out of the car, you can see the light shining though the opening in the front door. Wondering why the door was left open, you start going through a checklist of *oh, crap* items in your head. What if the dog got out, what if the door has been open all night, what if a bunch of bugs got in the house??? You never think the worst though, just frustrated with your teenager for not being responsible. As you walk up, you can see what's actually happened and your heart sinks. The front door has been kicked in, whoever did it might still be in the house with your kids.

What's your move?

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