Scenario 55 - Burnin' Down the House

Updated: May 31, 2021

You're going into week 4 of a crisis that has affected the majority of your state and the 3 surrounding states. The event has been dubbed "the Outage" by major media outlets, describing a highly coordinated cyber attack that targeted multiple utility services. To date, the Federal Govt is still investigating the source of the attack, and the hacker group still retains control over some of these infrastructure systems.

All 4 states have declared state of emergency and aid is being brought in but very slowly. Life is going on, most people are managing, but it's been rough. Power is intermittently. One day your home has it, the next day it doesn't, it's a roll of the dice if you'll get to charge your phone. It's really bizarre that no communication services were targeted.

Worse, control has not yet been restored to traffic lights and they continue to blink erratically which has shut down many major roads leaving transportation for the average civilian illegal, roads only open to essential personnel. But, they are still difficult to manage due to the many dead cars that ran out of gas, stuck in traffic the day of the attack. Most people have to walk or bike to local community centers for meals where supplies have been received. Some areas have not been so lucky because of the logistical challenges.

You have survived on your stored food and a propane stove on those days that your power & gas are out. While your propane supply is dwindling, you've gotten used to the way you've been living. And with that slight bit of comfort came carelessness. Cooking eggs one morning, a towel caught fire and quickly spread to the wall. Your home and all your worldly possessions are at risk of going up in a blaze and during this SHTF scenario... there's no fire department coming.

Do you have the means to address this kitchen fire that has grown very quickly? You still have water pressure today, but your kitchen sink alone is not going to cut it. *Your response should only include the actual supplies in your kitchen/home right now. This is challenging you to think about a firefighting plan now before you're in a position to think on the fly.

What's your move?

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