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Scenario 57 - An Explosive Night of Drinking

Updated: May 31, 2021

You and 2 friends are in rare form. You've taken a train to you local sports stadium to support your favorite team. Needless to say, the entire train ride was spent getting sauced with your buddies. Better to drink the beer now, before spending an arm and a leg at the stadium. You arrive at what you expect to be an awesome day. Taking your seat, you drop a few more bucks on some beverages as the beer hawker walks by.

25 minutes in, the game is off to an intense start. 20,000 fans going nuts. The excitement abruptly turns to terror and panic as a succession of 3 large explosions erupts across from you on the opposite side of the stadium. Your face is peppered with burning dust and rubble and you feel a sharp blow just above your eye, a great deal of blood is dripping down your face but you can't tell the severity. Your ears are ringing terribly, your vision is overlaid with bright white and purple stars. You've survived the blast, but are injured and need to get out. You still have a solid buzz to top it off but adrenaline has kicked in. People are screaming and fleeing, no one knows where to go they're just pushing others to the ground to get out of the bleachers. The chaos has you confused but you must act before you get trampled or worse.

What's your move?

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