Scenario 58 - We Know Whatcha Got

Updated: May 31, 2021

14 months after an EMP event, a large majority of the population of the US has been wiped out. There are pockets of people still exercising good moral judgement, but there's also enough bad guys out there to keep your guard up.

You and your family - wife/husband and 2 children both under 12 have been living in the great plains on your farm. Recently a polar vortex hit the area killing off almost all of your crop means of sustenance. Food storage is running low and hunting has not been yielding enough to support yourself and 3 other people. There are other farmers/families nearby and tensions have grown high between groups due to the lack of food. Your farm is approached one day by another close-by group asking for food and supplies which they know you have. You contemplate whether it is time to leave and find another location or stay to try to re-grow, catch food, and defend the property and your possessions. Both options offer hardships. The other groups and families get more and more aggressive with each passing day. Things could and very likely will eventually escalate. But staying means you are on your own turf and know the lay of the land well. Beyond your land, a few days walk away, are neighborhoods and other farms that may be unoccupied.

State your decision in the comments with valid points to back It up. Explain your reason for making the decision and describe how this decision will BETTER your family’s chances of survival. We are looking for detailed answers to this scenario!!

What's your move?

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