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Scenario 6 - Stalked

Updated: May 29, 2021

4 months after full societal collapse. Grid is down, infrastructure is down, we are living WROL (without rule of law). You are on the run from a group of 4-5 bandits that picked up your trail. You're not sure why they're tracking and following you since you have no supplies, just 2 weapons and a bit of ammo that you scavenged a few days earlier.

You find yourself in a small neighborhood surrounded by wooded area. You're still actively being pursued and have been moving quickly to evade. But now, in the neighborhood, there is a great deal of cover for you and the pursuers so you end up in an intense firefight. You've managed to get into one of the abandoned homes through an open door, but they continue firing rounds at you. You have a short, double barrel shotgun with 8 buckshot rounds and a Sig 226 with 2 mags.

How do you fight back?


  • It's not about "I'm an expert at counter-tracking, I can hide my trail, no one would have ever gotten close to me." This is the situation you found yourself in.

  • It's not about "I'd have my AR15 and Glock 19x with 5 mags for each." This isn't discussing the weapons you WOULD have, you've lost yours and picked these up along the way.

  • you're out-gunned and out-numbered. This requires very strategic thinking, and in this particular scenario you are in a active gun fight.

What's your move?

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