Scenario 61 - You Must be Cleared to Leave

Updated: May 29, 2021

You're on your way to pick up a bite to eat at a little hole in the wall diner you love. Traffic is rough and you have bottled up a little road rage from a long day at work, little sleep the night before, and someone did cut you off.

Deciding that the traffic is too much, you turn abruptly to and start heading through an industrial park knowing you can shave 10 minutes cutting though. Not long after you started the shortcut, you hear an incredible explosion. The car shakes a bit and you hear debris sprinkling on the roof of your car, but you see nothing. No smoke, no fire, and no cars on the road just a truck heading the opposite direction - looks like he's hauling ass. Almost immediately you start to hear sirens now but still nothing looks out of the ordinary so you keep on. 2 or 3 minutes later, the sky is now starting to turn a white hazy color and it's getting a little harder to see what your driving though, eventually too much. As you turn to leave the industrial park to get away from the smoke you approach and underpass that you must exit through, but it's blocked with a sign that says Quarantine Area. How is this possible... It was just about 15 minutes ago that you heard the explosion and there's already roads being blocked off? And, what the hell is a quarantine area here for?

Fight or flight kicks in, you decide to get out of dodge. You turn around and head back to another street to leave the industrial park but the road is again blocked, this time by a truck and some men in HAZMAT suits trying to direct you towards them. The one guy has a bullhorn and says:

"Pull your vehicle into the cordoned off area, follow the cones to spot #2, turn off the vehicle, remove the keys and set them outside the car. Remain seated in your vehicle until the specialists can clear you."

You're stopped about 100 yards away, white-knuckling your steering wheel in a standoff. You could hop the median and speed past them but at this point, you don't know what has happened and why they want to check you and what could happen after you pull over? Are you in danger, have you been exposed to something?

What's your move?

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