Scenario 63 - Room 2108: The Story of Patient Zero, Part 1

Updated: May 29, 2021


You’ve been in the hospital for a little over a week now with your 10 year old who needed emergency surgery and has been slowly recovering. You're excited because tomorrow he's being discharged. Obviously, your child can't wait, and you're not interested another night of sleeping in a chair, it's left your back in ruins, not to mention the lack of sleep for the both of you. Aside from hourly nurse visits, the person in the room next to you has been very disruptive for the duration of your stay. 3 days ago, you were woken up to a loud crash against your wall followed by an alarm going off with a repeating message through the PA "Code White: Urgent Security Request". What the hell is going on, you wonder? Then, a blood curdling scream complimented by a large group of people yelling left you feeling incredibly uneasy. But, you fell back asleep after the madness died down.

Still on your mind today, you ask the nurse what happened. She doesn't tell you much other than there was a violent patient that attacked and bit a nurse and now they're in lock down on another floor. You know it was your neighbor. Late into the evening, another alarm "Code Green: Emergency Operations Plan Activated - Immediate Evacuation". It takes only a few seconds before your floor was alive with activity, mostly staff trying to mobilize patients to then to the elevators. Moments later, screams erupt and you exit your room to find a man ruthlessly biting into a nurse's leg. She collapses immediately but before she could even hit the ground, a savage transformation seemed to occur. Her neck snapped back and the look on her face went from terror to hunger almost instantaneously. There is, what appears to be, a zombie outbreak occurring right in front of your face. The hospital is under full attack and you need to get yourself and your child out ASAP.

You're on the 21st floor. You have access only to the items your brought in your bag to the hospital.

You're literally in the epicenter of a zombie apocalypse.

What's your move?

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