Scenario 64 - Room 2108: The Story of Patient Zero, Part 2

Updated: May 29, 2021


By the skin of your teeth you have managed to escape the chaos of the hospital just as the dead overtook it. You’ve made it a 10 blocks away sticking to alleys and backyards. The city as a whole in its death throes. The sun is starting to set. The sounds of sirens, screams, gunshots, and moans fill the air. They blend like oil and water with the smoke from hundreds of fires. So far you have been blessed to remain off the zombies radar. But, as the sunlight fades your little one is tired, hungry, in need of a diaper change. Most importantly the pain meds from the surgery are wearing off, your little ones fussing is now turning to cries of pain. You need somewhere safe. You sit consoling your child, back against the cold concrete wall of an abandoned overpass. Laid out before you are 3 very distinct options.

To your left is a dense thicket of trees that borders an expanse of forested woodlands. The sky has the hint of possible rain and you don't have gear for that. But, you know the forest goes away from any major populated area dozens of miles. You don’t know if you can find shelter from the elements or the dead there.

Directly in front of you is a wide open field that leads to an industrial area. In the distance you can see a large fence with holes in it from years of disrepair. Some of the structures in the area are still occupied, you see lights in in those areas while others are silent foreboding black rusted metal husks.

To your right, the glowing lights of a new subdivision under construction. Some houses are finished and some are mere shells. You see construction equipment, various types of vehicles one would find on a job site and the whole area is securely fenced. But, in the distance behind the subdivision to-be you see the silhouette of the city. Flames devour high rises voraciously like the dead on a fresh kill. There, the military is mustering to fight a war against the undead.

Your little one cries out and you hurry to shush them, too late. From the darkness around you, one guttural moan soon becomes a dozen. The zombies have your scent.

What's your move?

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